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Buddhist temples are such colourful places

Buddhist temples are such colourful places

We add fresh travel articles to 1stop Thailand regularly to enable our readers to discover more seasonal highlights and general tourism hints and tips on the Kingdom. Read on for many unique features covering sightseeing, hospitality and transport in Thailand as well as thorough explanations on politics, history, culture and Buddhism.

Thailand travel features

Thailand for history buffs
Thailand has a long and colourful history, with many reminders remaining all over the country. From the crumbling walls of Chiang Mai to disputed temples on the Cambodia border, let us lead you through it...more

Visiting Doi Mae Salong
Up in the far northeast of Thailand is a tiny Chinese community of immigrants from Yunnan province which grows fragrant Oolong tea. Mae Salong was founded by exiled Kuomintang fighters and retains its unique charm...more

Visiting historic Lamphun
The historic city of Lamphun is one of the oldest surviving settlements in Thailand and boasts a well-reserved moat, several impressive temples and lots of artisanship just half-an-hour from Chiang Mai...more

Tea culture of northern Thailand
Thailand has not traditionally had a tea drinking culture but people living in the Goldren Triangle are now adopting the cash crop as an alternative to opium thanks to Chinese and Burmese influence and Royal patronage...more

Thailand's best elephant camps
The elephant is the national animal of Thailand but numbers have dwindled in recent years with elephant sanctuaries the best place to get up close and personal with these magnificent beasts...more

Hints for dealing with Thai immigration
Dealing with Thailand's bureaucratic immigration department is never the highlight of any foreigner's stay, but we've got a few hints and tips to speed the process along including up-to-date regulations...more

Guide to the Southern Thailand insurgency
The southernmost provinces of Thailand remain locked in a protracted civil conflict that costs hundreds of lives every year; here we look into the causes and prospects for a swift resolution...more

Beginners guide to Thai Buddhism
Thailand is a devoutly Buddhist nation and it is impossible to truly get an understand of Thai culture without trying to learn some of the basics of this belief system and the different customs attached...more

Hong Island day trips
Pristine Koh Hong is one of the most magical places to visit on Thailand's stunning Andaman Coast with a hidden lagoon, coral reefs and a number of perfect beaches...more

Floating Market and Water Theatre
Ayutthaya Klong Sa Bua boasts a great floating market enabling tourists to see another side to rural Thailand, while the water theatre features graceful folk tales gliding over the surface… more

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