Top 5 Language Apps

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We are listing 5 of the best language apps to use for your trip. Using one or more of these could help you have a better experience while traveling through Thailand …

Yes I know tourist friendly areas have many English speakers but some are very limited on what they know and understand and if you decide to venture out of these areas sometimes it will be hard to find an English speaker. So you should always keep one of these apps handy on your phone!

TIP: Remember Thai Language is all about tone. So its a good idea if you think of Thai like a song and try to sing it, instead of speaking it.

google_translate_icon_small5. Google

Pros: Free, Easy to use, Can use with multiple languages

Cons: Can’t really use it to form a sentence. Audio isn’t that great.




4. Learn Thai by Codgent

Pros: Useful Phrases in the free version, Easy to Navigate

Cons: Audio quality is the worst of the list.



Walen Thai3. Walen Thai

Pros: Has many Categories, Breaks down the different tones used while speaking Thai. Audio Quality is good.

Cons: The layout, They have a section named “Useful” which has over 165 phrases. Thats a lot of phrases to look through to see what will work for you.


Brovalol Thai2. Thai by Bravolol

Pros: Audio Quality is nice, crisp and clear, they have a “snail” option to slow down the word so you can hear the pronunciation, Layout is easy on the eyes, Probably the best to navigate through which can be very helpful. The free version even includes the Romance phrases! So now you can get rejected in a different language. Side note: Bar girls don’t count.

                                              Cons: Wish it had more phrases!


simya thai1. Thai by Simya Solutions Ltd

Pros: Audio Quality is great, It has lot of the same feature as Bravolol, Has a “Quiz” feature where the app will test your Thai knowledge from a category of your choosing, When it display the Phrase there is small icon on the right. If you click it will expand downwards listing the meaning of each word in the phrase

Cons: Romance section has to be purchased 🙁


So there you have our TOP 5 Language Apps!

If you have any questions about any of these apps feel free to shoot us a message!

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