Bangkok pictures

Bangkok is a living, breathing mass of noise and colour and we have endeavoured to catch every aspect for you which can be seen in this set of quality pictures of Bangkok. The Thai capital is home to many millions and is vibrant whatever time of day or night.

From the Grand Palace and other prominent religious edifices to the crowded Floating Market, the heaving backpacker-clad Khao San Road and lofty skyscrapers, these pictures of Bangkok are sure to give you a real feel for the place.

With so much going on, Bangkok is a photographers dream and there is always something to snap whichever direction you happen to be pointing.

Click on any of the pictures below and enjoy the slide show:

Notes on taking pictures in Bangkok
There are a few basic rules that need to be observed when photographing in Bangkok, and anywhere else in Thailand for that matter.

When visiting and taking pictures of temples, ensure you dress conservatively and remove shoes before entering buildings. It is forbidden to photograph certain elements, such as the Emerald Buddha, although signs will warn you of this.

If you want to take pictures of Thai people in Bangkok, they will generally oblige and you may even find yourself on the receiving end. The correct phrase in Thai to ask to take their picture is ‘Tai ruup dai mai krap/ka’ for male/female.

There are plenty of photographic stores in the city where you can copy your Bangkok pictures to disc or have pictures of bangkok developed, while an increasing number of internet cafes will also have the equipment available to burn CDs. Photographic supplies are reasonably priced in Bangkok and the city is catching up with Singapore for good deals.

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