Northern Thailand pictures

Northern Thailand offers a different experience in pictures. Photographers find subjects in mountain landscapes, pictures of Northern Thailand hilltribes, waterfalls and a more natural culture. Chiang Mai, the ‘Rose of the North’ is as photogenic as they come with its 700 year old history. We’ve compiled a mixed selection of Northern Thailand pictures.

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From these Northern Thailand pictures you will see that there is plenty of character and culture here, with over 300 temples in Chiang Mai alone, and lots of smiling locals. In addition, if you have chance to venture out of the city, there are numerous hill tribe villages up in the mountains where some fascinating vistas and colourful people to take pictures of .

Notes on photography in Northern Thailand:
The best time of year to be taking pictures in Chiang Mai and the North is between Spetember and January when the place is at its most colourful. In the rainy season, visibility is best (when it’s not raining of course), once the dry season arrives the green slowly fades and the haze takes over. The rainy season finishes in November and it is thus lush and cool. This is also the clearest time of the year and busiest, with numerous tourists and festivals; such as the hugely popular flower festival in February.

Be mindful when photographing temples and icons. Most temples are tourist attractions but also working temples, therefore monks will be worshipping at certain times and taking pictures in this instance is not advised. Also remember to dress appropriately - no beach attire and have respect for Buddha images and other sacred items. The locals themselves don’t mind having their picture taken, but always ask.

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