Pictures of Thais

As you will see from the smiling faces, the Thai people are an open and friendly lot. And they have much to smile about; a beautiful country, fine weather, great culture, lots of history and plenty of interesting towns and cities where you can snap lots of pictures of Thais. We’ve assembled a cross-sketch of Thai people in pictures.

Whether you’re a beach or a mountain person, you will find an interesting Thai people to take pictures of without too much effort. Generally, the locals seem to be more friendly and ready to oblige outside the of the tourist areas, althoughyou won’t have much trouble taking pictures of Thais whichever part of Thailand you are in.

Click on any of the pictures below and enjoy the slide show:

Notes on photography in Thailand
As with anywhere else in the world, always ask before taking a Thai person’s picture. The Thai phrase to use is 'Thai ruup dai mai, krap (male speaker), ka (female speaker)'.

You will rarely be refused when using this and should also oblige if you yourself are asked to have your picture taken. Touristy areas, especially waterfalls in the dry season, will also feature droves of Thai tourists who will often jump at the chance to have a group picture with a farang (foreigner).

Please be respectful when taking pictures on Thai temple grounds. Always remove shoes before entering buildings and be especially mindful when asking a Thai monk for his picture. Refrain from taking pictures of monks with flash when they’re worshipping.

Hill-tribe folk will enjoy having their picture taken but you should ensure you ask beforehand and then offer a donation for their trouble.

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