Temples pictures

Thailand has one of the most colourful and intriguing cultures of anywhere, which has developed over many centuries. We have compiled a collection of Thailand temples pictures from the ancient to the modern, including ruins, Buddhas and historic sites.

Click on any of the pictures below and enjoy the slide show:

Thailand is a Buddhist country and there are literally thousands of temples across the land, over 400 of which are in Bangkok and another 300-plus in Chiang Mai alone. Yes, Thailand is a temple country and they make fantastic pictures.

Please ensure that you are respectfully dressed when entering Thailand temple grounds and always remember to remove your shoes before walking into a temple building. In addition, some temples disallow flash photography if, for instance, there happen to be sacred images (such as the Emerald Buddha in the Grand Palace) or delicate antiquities in residence.

Notes on taking pictures in Bangkok
Photographic equipment, film and other accessories is readily available in the Thai resorts and cities and generally at a reasonable price. There are also plenty of internet cafes and photo development shops where you can upload images to CD and have pictures developed within minutes.

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