Hua Hin hotel and lodging guide

Pimms, pools and palm trees!

Hua Hin is an extremely popular resort destination for Bangkok residents as well as a international expat retirees. Originally a holiday home for Thailand’s royal family, this resort town offers accommodation choices for every budget, from inexpensive hotels and guesthouses to five-star lodgings with saunas and private access to the most beautiful stretches of coastline. The most frequently visited area is Hua Hin Beach, but Pranburi, Sam Roi Yod Beach and Bangsaphan also offer excellent views and private get-aways for those wishing to venture off the beaten path.

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Recommended Hua Hin hotels and resorts

Hua Hin is a small resort town that that is often visited by Thai residents, but an emerging number of foreigners are quickly discovering this hidden jewel. Hotel prices vary depending on proximity to the beaches and amenities. Prices can run anywhere from US$10 per night for a small room to US$500 for a five-star suite with private access to the beaches.

Hua Hin Beach lodging: the accommodation at Hua Hin Beach is plentiful with a wide range of prices and amenities on offer. The beaches are the main draw for many visitors. Hotels along the beach are typically more expensive; however, having quick access to the waters, attractions and nightly entertainment is often worth the price. Those who prefer less expensive lodgings can easily find very comfortable rooms and guesthouses within just a few miles and can hop in a tuk-tuk and head to the beach …more details and booking

Takiab Beach lodging: this is the next beach along, beyond the headland at the southern end of Hua Hin, it’s an equally nice beach with plenty of choices and is only a few minutes drive from Hua Hin town centre. However, the facilities and atmosphere here are slightly less, but the prices slightly better.

Pranburi lodging: located between Hua Hin and Sam Roi Yod beaches, this quaint area is perfect for those seeking a more secluded vacation away from the crowds. The hotels can be quite exclusive and easily cost as high as US$400 a night. However, there are also plenty of mid-range Hua Hin hotels in the area with restaurants and ample shopping opportunities. It’s about a 20 minute taxi ride to Hua Hin proper …more details and booking

Sam Roi Yod Beach lodging: located north of popular Hua Hin Beach, this area is one of the newest districts to be added to Hua Hin. Many tourist and locals alike enjoy the national park as well as the secluded beaches. Accommodation is not as plentiful, but the prices are quite reasonable for being close to the beaches. Guesthouses here are very accommodating and comfortable with beautiful tropical settings. There are numerous restaurants in the area with seafood being the local specialty.

Bangsaphan lodging: is in the southern part of Hua Hin and is rich in history and culture. Although not as popular as other districts, Bangsaphan offers great prices on accommodations. Typically, hotels average about US$40 to $50 a night. Also, those seeking a more Thai experience will enjoy the friendliness and hospitality of the locals. Shops and restaurants are dotted throughout the area …more details and booking

Cha-am Lodging: is a completely separate town around 30kms north of Hua Hin and an equally popular beach resort area. There are some fine lodgings right on the beach and a slightly better value than the more popular Hua Hin. If it is simply the beach experience you are after you will find this a nice alternative and you can always catch a taxi to Hua Hin for the modest nightlife and attractions. However, most of the day trip destinations are beyond, south of Hua Hin …more details and booking

Budget lodging: is located everywhere in Hua Hin with Bangsaphan offering the most reasonable prices. There are plenty of transportation options, so you can easily stay a few miles inland and save some money. Many visitors stay in Hua Hin longer than planned because of the high quality and low cost of accommodation. There is something for everyone in this emerging travel destination. There are Hua Hin guesthouses but the pickings are much slimmer and hotels are the order of the day in this resort area.

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