Hotels and bungalows on Koh Samet

Only a handful of Koh Samet hotels have pools

Despite being relatively small, Koh Samet accommodation packs in a surprising number of establishments. These range from charmless back rooms for budget conscious Thai students through to a few five star villas. On the whole, the island offers mostly bungalow style resorts in a charming ‘on the beach’ setting, but with varying degrees of comfort and atmosphere. Due to the island’s limited size and popularity over weekends accommodation is overpriced and not terribly good value.

In a nutshell, the three beaches on the northeast of the island, Sai KaewHin Kock and Ao Phai, have the most choices, mainly in the budget category. This is where most the action is, with the more upmarket places are found at the southern end known as Ao Phutsa. Book online through Agoda here.

Further south you have several standalone bays that are quieter and have better choices for those looking for comfort and a more upmarket crowd. You’ll find a mixed bag of lovely and dreadful places on Ao Chao, and Wong Duen. The latter is busier, both have boats arriving directly from the mainland. In both cases the nicer places are at the southern end. Another, even quieter, option is Ao Thian, further south still.

There are some really rustic isolated bungalows in the last two bays. None of these east coast places boast spas, pools or a large selection of facilities, in line with the character of the island. But there are a couple of luxury establishments on the more exclusive west coast bay of Ao Phrao.

Guesthouses on Koh Samet

Most of the accommodation on Samet can be classed as guesthouse/bungalow variety ranging from 300 to 1,000 baht depending on location, comfort and time of the week. Avoid the weekend crush of Bangkokians for better value, but don’t expect dirt cheap deals. Here are a few we recommendations, all of them located on the long northern stretch of beach from Hat Sai Kaew to Phudsa. There are some rustic hideaways at the extreme southern end, the mid-east coast bays are typified by overpriced characterless places frequented by Thais, but it’s worth taking a look for yourself.

Jeps Inn: a popular dining place among the action right on the beach at Hin Khok. Peaceful all the same with nice beachfront and relatively central, but lacking privacy. Bungalows are clean and comfortable. Bungalows from US$20 …more details and booking

Coconut Bungalows: at the top end of the strip, on Sai Kaew Beach, has quaint bungalows with small verandas, away from the concentration of activity (a plus!). Easiest to get to if you have a heavy pack to lug around. Bungalows are 500/1,500 baht for fan/air-con rooms; tel: 085 515 3666.

Ao Phai Hut: on Ao Phai beach at the southern end of the strip, these small ramshackle bungalows are perched on the hillside with relaxing little verandas gazing onto the beach. Bungalows are small and rustic but comfortable for the price. Bungalows are 600-1,200 baht for fan/air-con; tel: (038) 644 075-6.

Naga: Further along from Jeps, not exactly on a sandy part of the beach but one of the cheapest decent choices, with a popular bar and elevated views of the sea. Rooms are nothing special but the price is right. Noisy. Rooms are 600-2,500 baht, tel: (038) 644 167, mobile: 087 985 6206.

Silver Sands: site of the popular evening party venue, which means sleep can be problem if you’re not a night owl. All the same the bungalows are really nice, and beach in front great. (no road service road in-between). Rooms from US$70 …more details and booking

Phudsa Bungalow: Just around the headland from Ao Phai Beach, so bring a torch for the short trail by night. Nice and quiet tucked among trees and right near the quieter Phudsa Beach. Not well maintained but nice location. Bungalows from US$20 …more details and booking

Note! To secure a guaranteed room and find the best rates, we suggest you look online at They seem to be the most competitively priced of the hotels sites.

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