Thailand pictures

The best way to get excited about this country is to browse gorgeous pictures of Thailand. It’s a country full of eye candy, with azure waters, lush forested mountains, smiling people and jaw-dropping landscapes splashed across brochures. These pictures of Thailand are a taste of what you’ll see when you visit. We’ve assembled six galleries from various aspects of Thailand with pictures that cover the highlights and best bits of this amazing country.

Thailand is blessed with exceptional beauty as seen in many of these pictures. It’s easier to show you these galleries than describe the beauty of the Krabi coastline, beaches of Phuket or boutique villas of Samui. Bangkok’s sites also offer exotic pictures from Thailand, while the North is a more rural and unspoilt impression of the country. Of course then there is the famous Thai smile, so we’ve included a gallery of pictures of people of Thailand.

Simply click on pictures below and enjoy the slide show:

Wherever you are on holiday, make sure you are armed with your camera. You too can take home great pictures of Thailand, the weather is usually sunny and the light good. There are simply hundreds of unique and impressive sights, and landscapes to be photographed.

You’ll find internet cafes and photo shops in all main tourist areas in Thailand, where you can download your pictures from memory stick to CD for about 100 baht. In the main centres, such as the malls of Bangkok, Chiang Mai or Phuket there are professional photography shops should you need assistance, or haven’t yet bought a camera.

When taking pictures of Buddhist sites in Thailand, be respectful and don’t climb all over things. Thais don’t generally mind you photographing them but it’s polite to ask, using ‘Thai loop dai mai (and to be extra polite add ‘Krup’ if you a man or ‘ka’ if you are a woman, to the end of the sentence). Hilltribe folk might expect a small tip, and it’s the right thing to do.

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