Thailand island pictures

From popular Koh Samui to the eco-destination of Koh Chang these island pictures display the beauty in the Gulf of Thailand. Whether you prefer a boutique experience or a deserted beach all to yourself these Thailand island pictures will certainly impress you. We’ve compiled a broad selection.

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The best time of the year to get the best Thailand island pictures is to visit during the months of November and March when the weather is generally cooler and drier. The light at this time of year is also better for taking pictures than at other times and visibility is enhanced. It’s not all dazzling sandy beaches on the Thailand’s islands; there is also plenty of culture and history to explore, as well as the intriguing, ever smiling people themselves.

Notes on photography in Thailand
Modern photographic equipment and supplies are available at all major resorts and in towns and cities the length and breadth of Thailand, although if you’re on a smaller Thailand island you’ll need to come prepared. Development and transferring files of your island pictures to other digital media can be had at a very reasonable cost.

When taking pictures of Thailand islands, be sure to dress appropriately when away from the beaches and resorts; ie, try to refrain from strolling around in your trunks and vest anywhere other than the beach. This is especially important when on temple grounds. On that note, remove shoes when entering temple buildings and don’t use flash photography when monks are worshipping.

The Thais are a fun-loving people and will generally not mind in the slightest if you take their picture, although always be polite and ask nicely first. The simple phrase ‘Thai ruup dai mai, krap (male speaker), ka (female speaker)' should do the trick.

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