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The following Thailand picture gallery highlights is a selection of our favourite picture selection from Thailand. From Thailand’s striking islands and vibrant cities to her lush mountainous regions and exquisite temples, the country is a photographer’s dream. We’ve assembled six picture galleries of Thailand, to give you a quick glimpse into the character and beauty of this country.

It’s a country that looks great on brochures and you can see why. These Thailand picture galleries show highlights, all the best bits from islands and beaches in the south, mountains and sleepy towns in the north and a whole lot of colourful culture in between; you can quickly make your own picture gallery highlights of Thailand when you visit. Travel is cheap and easy and the people amiable.

Clicking on any Thailand picture below and enjoy the slideshow:

Notes on photography in Thailand
There are many photo developing shops and places such as internet cafes where you can copy your pictures to disk.

Camera equipment is fairly reasonable, cost-wise, and there are many bargains to be had in the big stores in Bangkok, while the price of film is about average for the region.

When taking a picture of the locals in Thailand it is is usually a painless process, as the Thai’s are generally too polite to turn you down even if they don’t want you taking pictures. Always ask politely before taking pictures, however. When photographing the hill-tribe folk, leaving a small donation after the act is always good manners.

You will no doubt be taking many pictures of Buddhist temples and sacred icons for your Thailand picture gallery, but always remember to dress appropriately, remove shoes before entering temple buildings and don’t clamber over walls and statues.

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